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Welcome to St Joseph's College - St Joseph's College is a dynamic, welcoming and hope-filled school that promotes excellence and equity, so that all students can become confident and creative learners. Steeped in our Catholic and Brigidine heritage, we have provided quality education and a vibrant community for the families of northern Victoria and southern New South Wales since 1886.

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  • JayElkes - Hghly Effective, Very Disruptive

    In his book 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done, Peter Bregman suggests focusing on the one biggest issue to control your weight. For some people, this works brilliantly. If you aren't one of them, Dr. Mark Hyman uses a different premise:

  • Dorothy Willis - Needed Fast Results

    I was about to go to the Islands for vacation in a month but just couldn’t get excited because my body was in no shape for a bathing suit. Thankfully, I read about Trioxalin and how, if used in conjunction with a low calorie diet, that it could really speed up the weight loss process. I had heard of the HCG diet before and always wanted to try it so I figured I’d give it a shot. The first day or two was difficult but by day three my appetite was almost completely gone. By the time I left for vacation I had lost 25 pounds and am proud to say I bought my first bikini in 10 years!

  • Amazon Customer - Ideal home solution for quality bluetooth audio connections (transmitter/receiver with Apt-X Low Latency, optical in/out)

    The unit I received was faulty (i.e. it disconnects every time I move a 3ft away from it). I contacted the customer support, and they were fast to respond and sent me a new unit. Am very happy with the purchase. I bought it to replace my Avantree Apt-X Low Latency which does not have optical input/output. It has better range than my Avantree and pairing with my bluetooth devices has been a swift so far.

  • Damien Margo - Solid Feeling Keyboard With Great Lighting

    This is a great keyboard with a few minor issues. People like to bash Razer for using their own switches rather than the industry-standard Cherry MX switches. According to many reviewers this automatically means the BlackWidow is inferior. I've used all types of membrane and mechanical keyboard over the years and out-of-the-box I'd have to say these Razer 'greens' are some of the best feeling switches I've ever used. These 'clicky' switches are similar to Cherry MX Blues, but my ears don't hear a loud click as much as I'm hearing (and feeling) a light sounding tick. Yes, this keyboard makes noise, but I do not consider it very loud. I'm not bottoming out much and making no typing mistakes--the actuation and feel seems just right.

  • Harvey Brody - When it finally gets warmer and green try this.

    Ginseng is interesting as a "nutrrient." Royal Jelly aka bee pollen is excellent if you have seasonal allergies. Combined quite beneficial when it finally gets warmer and green.