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  • Lori - 5 Star Product - Menopause Miracle Cream!!

    Absolutely love this product!! So will your husband or significant other! ;-) First year into menopause and I was experiencing hot flashes, moodiness, vaginal dryness and a drop in libido. Three weeks into using this product – about a fingertip full (¼ tsp) in am and in evening before bed – my hot flashes disappeared. I can’t tell you what a relief that was! I’m about 8 weeks into using this product and my mood has stabilized and my vaginal secretions have improved – as well as my libido. This is a great product. I also recommend reading the book by Dr. Lee. It explains so much.

  • Frank R. Heinsohn - Fantastic!

    Vendor delivered a head of schedule. Book is an easy read chock full of information for an aspiring sole practitioner (and of course required reading for my summer class). It will help me set up my practice in Colorado as I seek to help fellow Iraq/Afghan veterans and families as well as incarcerated veterans wrongfully accused/convicted. Thank you... . Frank

  • Rookie - This is best for the back and legs massage up to use ...

    This is best for the back and legs massage up to use it in the neck and really for the price that pay does not have complaint none saw it in walgreens and find it from amazon and I decided to buy it since the price was 75% less one of the best purchases made by aca and still retains its original batteries to more than one month of use and several daily sessions this recommend it to eyes closed I use it lying down and to sitting at the computer while working the pads they bring they last long already they carry as 50 applications and are still equal with their sticks to be placed in different parts of the body the recommend

  • 12crissy - DEATH BEARS

    I was like a gas godzill on a mission to blow holes through my pants, I bought these and ate them through out a moive and by the end of the movie i was running to the bathroom thinking i was going to die only to find out I have the worst gas of my life and it would not stop for 4-6 hours straight.

  • R.K. - Does WONDERS! Super effective.

    This is a super effective medication for sinus infection, chest congestion, which does not have any American analog, and, sadly, is not allowed here in US. I was introduced to it by my German friends while traveling in Europe. You may find these pills in many countries around the world. I have a real hard time trying to understand why there are so many really great products with the proven track record, virtually no side effects, very inexpensive and could be sold over the counter, would not make its way to the American market... especially nowadays when there are so many people here who either cannot afford a medical insurance or have to pay a fortune to see the doctors, and at the end get the traditional antibiotics in order to get even more sick?! What is wrong with this picture?

  • christa - 3 Stars for Now?.......

    For now I am giving the TYME Iron 3 stars. I have not had it long. I have only had the opportunity to play with it a few times. Each time gets better. Be sure to watch all the videos on the how to's and all about the iron, it will help you handle it and get to know how to curl/straighten your hair. The few times I have used it, it has been really muggy out and my curl came out of my hair quickly, then got a little frizzy. I am getting a cut this week and will be eager to try it again before going back to work in September. Good luck...WATCH the videos!