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Sydney Body Painting Agency run by multi-award winning body artist Julie Tattam | Skincognito Body Painting - Australian body painting and special effects specialists for corporate promotions, fashion shows and other events.

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  • http://www.skincognito.com.au/body-painting-services/ Body Painting for product promotions, launches, events and media. | Skincognito Body Painting - Body Painting Specialists - Create a media storm with Making Faces' Body Painting for product promotions, launches, events and guaranteed media attention.
  • http://www.skincognito.com.au/corporate-events/ Body Painting for Corporate Promotions | Skincognito Body Painting - Live body painting for corporate promotions, launches, fundraisers and other events.
  • http://www.skincognito.com.au/store/ Face Painting and Body Painting Classes by Julie Tattam of Skincognito Bodypainting, Special FX, Makeup | Skincognito Body Painting - Book classes on face painting, body painting, special effects and makeup artistry. Beginners and advanced classes available!

    Country:, Oceania, AU

    City: 153.0215 Queensland, Australia

  • Lidia Lucas - AWESOME!

    "Why not?" I thought. I am glad I followed my heart. Fat Girl Slim is GREAT! Give it 2-3 weeks, you'll see "REAL" results.

  • Aschr - I HATE this crock-pot

    Let me start with saying, I HATE this crock-pot!!! I have an older version of this pot and love it. I cook a ton with it and wanted to add another for multiple reasons. I was super excited about the locking lid for travel and let me just say, that is really the only good thing about it. I purchased this July 2015 and have used it approximately 8-10 times. This pot is constantly cooking on high, even on the warm setting. I have cooked everything from baked beans, a roast, chicken, even used it as a warmer for bacon wrapped smokies for a party. EVERYTHING continues to cook where I have to turn it off for periods of time to cool down, then turn back on. I would never trust leaving this at home cooking with no one to keep an eye on it for one, I would be afraid my food would over cook, and two, I'd be afraid it would get so hot it my short and catch fire. I'm guessing the latter would most likely not happen, but I'm not taking any chances. I am past the return time for Amazon and am frustrated that I'm now stuck with it. I really did want it to work out. So, with all that, move on, do not purchase this!!!

  • Lana T. - unusual taste but I loved it

    I expected a very strong taste from this honey, and it didn't disappoint. I actually love the taste and the texture a lot. Plus, I had a chance to test the healing properties, when a particularly nasty papercut had continued to bother me for a couple of weeks. A couple of applications of this honey took care of it in two days. The cut healed beautifully.

  • REVEUE BLOG - OMM-oh my Matt!

    I had a bath mat with holes for "extra drainage" for years, and never realized how uncomfortable they truly are...until I put this mat in my tub. I felt like it had the cushion that my old mat didn't have. This mats suction cups are much bigger which allow for better drainage and of course better grip. I got the one with a slight grey itint and it matches my bathroom perfectly, I did not tell my husband that I changed and Matt and he noticed right away and confessed to me that he hated the old one and that this one is so much more comfortable.

  • Oma13 - with the edges slightly uneven and 'worn' looking that makes it appear like ancient tome

    This book is a blast The cover is rich and the pages have an 'antique' look and a feel of parchment but aren't thin or flimsy, with the edges slightly uneven and 'worn' looking that makes it appear like ancient tome. It is a lovely book. I am anxious to try the Bangers and Mash!

  • Philip - Excellent price for a 20000mah portable charger

    Excellent price for a 20000mah portable charger! The digital battery life display is very useful! One thing to note is that the total combine output amp is only 2.0 amp for all three USB slot! That means if you plug in two or devices at the same time will reduce each USB slot to 1.0 amp!

  • Amazon Customer - Give it a Try - It's Helping Me Even When I'm Bad. :-)

    Let me first start by saying that I am NOT a distributor. Also, I only recommend products I like (because I don't like to bash products that don't work for me).