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Managed IT - Outsourced IT - Consulting | SNS - New England based company with 4 locations, 2 data centers. Managed IT services, data storage, security and technology services for large & small clients.

  • http://www.sns.com/who-we-are/ Who We Are - About Secured Network Services | SNS - Since 2002, we have been the trusted technology advisor to businesses and nonprofit organizations, large, midsized and small.
  • http://www.sns.com/who-we-are/technology-professionals/ Technology Professionals - Meet Our Team | SNS - Meet our team of technology professionals and supporting administrators. We live and breathe technology, both at work and at home.
  • http://www.sns.com/who-we-are/certifications/ Technology Certifications - Cisco - Microsoft - VMWare | SNS - With a proven track record that spans more than 13 years, we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients. View our technology certifications.
  • http://www.sns.com/who-we-are/technology-partners/ Technology Partners - Microsoft - Cisco - VMWare - HP | SNS - We have decades of experience with the systems and equipment you use. We can help you with your questions about any technology manufacturer or product.
  • http://www.sns.com/who-we-are/it-careers/ IT Jobs - IT Careers - Technology Careers | SNS - If you want to join a technology team where your input, ideas and passion can make a difference, contact us about a career at SNS. View IT jobs.
  • http://www.sns.com/it-services-planning/ IT Services & Planning - IT Support Plans | SNS - From planning to execution, your IT systems must align with your goals. We will work with you to get the right solutions in place. View IT Support Plans.
  • http://www.sns.com/it-services-planning/premier-it-visit-plan/ IT for Small Business - Premier Scheduled Visit Plan | SNS - If you have a small company, PRSVP means that SNS can serve as your entire IT staff. This is the premier IT for small business plan with a flat monthly fee.
  • http://www.sns.com/it-services-planning/network-assist-support-plan/ Network Assist Support Plans - Network Support for IT | SNS - Our Network Assist Support Plan (NASP) boosts the capabilities of companies with full-time IT administrators, or even entire departments. Learn more.
  • http://www.sns.com/it-services-planning/customized-support-plan/ Customized IT Support Plans | SNS - We customize IT support plans for customers to accommodate needs & budgets. Do you have unique IT challenges or a project that requires additional support?
  • http://www.sns.com/it-services-planning/technology-planning-consulting/ Strategic Technology Planning - IT Consulting | SNS - SNS works together with Technology Professionals, CFO's and Business Owners to develop strategic technology plans that align with your budget and goals.
  • http://www.sns.com/it-services-planning/technology-operations-audit/ Technology Audit - IT Operations Audits | SNS - After your technology audit, SNS produces a detailed report with a set of recommendations to improve your network based on the audit findings.
  • http://www.sns.com/it-services-planning/security-audits/ IT Security Audits - IT Security Consulting | SNS - In-depth IT security audits serve as a basis for evaluating an organization’s current security posture. We offer monthly services and custom programs.
  • http://www.sns.com/it-services-planning/telephone-systems-voip/ Telephone Systems - VOIP Voice Over IP | SNS - Your phone system should be a tool that enhances your business performance. We’ll help you select a system that properly integrates with your IT network.
  • http://www.sns.com/it-services-planning/virtual-it-system/ Virtual IT System - Virtual Networks | SNS - A virtual IT system and network can help your company operate more simply and efficiently, saving time and money. See how you can benefit from virtualizing.
  • http://www.sns.com/data-centers/ Data Centers in New England - Co-location | SNS - We offer co-location from two data centers in New England, which are greater than 150 miles apart and well-connected. Learn more.
  • http://www.sns.com/data-centers/hosting-co-location/ Data Center Hosting - Co-location | SNS - Co-locating servers provide flexibility and enhanced access to email, database applications and services for groups of users in multiple locations.
  • http://www.sns.com/data-centers/disaster-recovery/ Disaster Recovery - IT Outage Recovery | SNS - When an IT emergency results in downtime for your organization, SNS can have your servers up and running in a few hours with our disaster recovery plans.
  • http://www.sns.com/data-centers/networking-monitoring/ Network Systems - Network Monitoring | SNS - We design large-scale, multi-site and international networks; provide network switching, and virtual private networking. 24/7 monitoring & web-based alerts.
  • http://www.sns.com/data-centers/systems-backup-security/ Data Backup - Data Storage - Security | SNS - Your virtual servers and their data are the backbone of your business. We provide full-service backup, storage, and security solutions to meet your needs.
  • http://www.sns.com/personalized-it-solutions/ Personalized IT Solutions - Why We're Different | SNS - The SNS team provides top-notch, personalized IT solutions at a fair price. With SNS, you receive high-quality IT support, management, consulting and more.
  • http://www.sns.com/personalized-it-solutions/on-site-technology-support/ On-Site Technology Support - On-Site IT Services | SNS - These days, not a lot of IT companies include on-site technology support. SNS is different. We customize support plans to meet your needs and budget.
  • http://www.sns.com/personalized-it-solutions/client-case-studies/ Client Case Studies | SNS - You can learn a lot about a business from the companies it keeps. View our client case studies to see what it means to work with us.
  • http://www.sns.com/personalized-it-solutions/fiber-optic-data-centers/ Fiber Optic Data Centers - Fiber Lit Data Centers | SNS - SNS offers unique security and optimal services with a fiber-optic connection to our data centers. Learn about our fiber lit data centers.
  • http://www.sns.com/personalized-it-solutions/community-involvement/ Community Involvement | SNS - Community involvement and corporate social responsibility are long-standing objectives at SNS. View the programs we support in MA, NH, RI & other locations.
  • http://www.sns.com/blog-news/ IT News and Updates - IT Blog | SNS - Providing IT and network security best practices. Technology news you can use in your organization today. Subscribe for updates.
  • http://www.sns.com/secured-network-services-inc-5000-list/ SNS Named to Prestigious Inc. 5000 List - For the 2nd consecutive year Secured Network Services has been named to the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

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    quickbooks 2010 has so many thing that do not work in it that a business has to be crazy to use it unless they do not transport it or use the loan manager. I use it with Windows 7 and maybe it works fine with other OS systems but not WINDOWS 7 64 bit pro. Go look at your "event viewer" and see for your self. You will notice many errors inregards to this program. To add insult to injury they want me to pay them to fix their problems. I checked out this program on 5 other computers (business that had bought their own copy and installed and thought the program was working right untill they looked at their reports and tried using many the program and all its funtions. Only buy this product if you want lots of frustration. For me I will go back to 2006. At least most things worked in that version. It even worked in Widows 7.

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