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  • https://www.specialistlanguagecourses.com/review-language-learning-app-duolingo/ Specialist Language CoursesReview of the Language Learning App "Duolingo" – Specialist Language Courses - Today we are taking a look at the incredibly popular Duolingo and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this language learning app.
  • https://www.specialistlanguagecourses.com/review-language-learning-app-babbel/ Specialist Language CoursesReview of the Language Learning App "Babbel" – Specialist Language Courses - If you are thinking about starting a course with an app but you don`t know which app to choose you are in the right place.

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  • Abdullah Bin Masood - Worst! device ever

    Worst Device ever !!! It doesn't works even though I plugged in my device. My iPhone 5s recognizes that a headset is plugged it in. I bought 2 of these machines, one for my mom and one for my dad with 8 Boxes of strips. Now all of this is junk

  • Dad the Maker - Great read, fast pace, good twists

    This was a good book, easy to read, with good characters and an interesting plot... enough twists to keep you guessing, but not too farfetched to make it unbelievable. I recommend it...

  • digby2005 - I can't wait to read the next book in the series!

    While I admire the reviewers who write detailed book reviews, I'm too impatient to start reading the next book to write my own detailed report (and probably would not be adding anything that hasn't already been said) BUT, I also rely on the reviews to help decide which books to read so feel it's only fair to get my 5 stars included in the numbers. I thought it was a great suspense novel with just the right amout of romance/smut :) My only negative comment is while reading this on a kindle, there was no page break, font change or anything to note that you were now reading from another character's perspective. Granted, it only took a few sentences to realize you were no reading from the killer's perspective vs. Lacey', etc, but I feel like it would have been something very simple to add a page break, a row of ********, or a header LACEY when it switches. That said, I've already bought and started the 2nd in the series so this is clearly a minor annoyance and didn't affect my overall impression or enjoyment of the book

  • Tony Grasso - Short antenna, same radio station clarity as stock

    Short antenna exactly as described. I get the same radio stations as I did when I had the long stock antenna. Installation is just unscrewing the old and screwing in the new! Gives my 2010 Nissan Xterra a clean overall look. Have not been through a car wash yet but it feels very solid.

  • Lisa C. - Because you don't ALWAYS want/need to finish the bottle

    First of all...here is how the product works. Instructions are via picture illustrations only and are pretty straightforward. First you put the two piece rubber stopper in the bottle. Next you put the vacuum pump on the top of the stopper/bottle. You hand pump the bottle until you hear a very audible "click" when the vacuum is reached. Remove the hand-pump and wa-la, your wine is preserved! To release the vacuum you just simply push the little gray "spindle button" in the center of the stopper to the side and you can again access your wine. This product works EXACTLY as advertised and the vacuum kept as long as I needed it to (48 hours) and did not leak at all when I stored the bottle on it's side in the wine rack. The product is easy to clean and the stopper is dishwasher safe (but not the vacuum pump). However, I just pulled the gray and black pieces of the stopper apart and hand washed them. Easy peasy. Great quality product at a great price point. Would be an excellent gift for the wine lover you know.

  • Josh - I like the harness

    I like the harness. Did what it was suppose to but I had to rewire it a bit. The light in the switch would stay on when connected to the battery directly, even if the car was off. And if you connected it to a parking light so that it would turn off when the car was off the wire would have too much current and get too hot. So I had to rewire the lightbar power from the battery and the light in the switch to the parking lights. All can be done via this harness and just took a little time to think it though but it works now


    I took this pills just for the "joint health" promotion, having no previous issues with my joints. As mentioned by others here I also had acute pains in elbows and shoulders. I stopped immediately but the symptoms still remain. I urgently ask everybody not to buy this pills and suggest to file an investigation / lawsuit for misleading promotion and health threatening .