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Erectile dysfunction (Impotence) - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment - For the treatment of erectile dysfunction, one can either use medicinal gels or creams or they can use tablets like the Viagra (sildenafil citrate).

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  • http://www.taldon.org/impotence.html Impotence | Erectile dysfunction - Male sexual dysfunction, often termed impotence, may be manifested in various ways: loss of desire, inability to obtain or maintain an erection, premature ejaculation, absence of emission, inability to achieve orgasm.
  • http://www.taldon.org/causes-of-erectile-dysfunction.html Causes of erectile dysfunction | Erectile dysfunction - Some organic causes of erectile impotence in men / Endocrine causes A Testicular failure (primary or secondary) B Hyperprolactinemia // Drugs A
  • http://www.taldon.org/evaluation-of-impotence.html Evaluation of impotence | Erectile dysfunction - The commonest cause of prolonged impotence is an anxiety or depression state. These closely related conditions can be diagnosed by the criteria.
  • http://www.taldon.org/treatment-of-impotence.html Treatment of impotence | Erectile dysfunction - Medical therapy with androgens offers little more than placebo benefit except in hypogonadal men. If a prolactin-secreting pituitary tumor is present, however
  • http://www.taldon.org/reproduction.html Reproduction | Erectile dysfunction - Approximately a tenth of marriages in the United States are barren, and another tenth result in fewer children than desired. The husband is the cause of the
  • http://www.taldon.org/sexual-problems.html Sexual problems | Erectile dysfunction - Sexual problems are common in the general population. In one study of healthy, married, middle-aged couples, 40 percent of the men and 63 percent of the women
  • http://www.taldon.org/discussion-of-sexual-matters.html Discussion of sexual matters | Erectile dysfunction - More often than in other areas of medicine, the physician needs to take an active role in initiating the discussion of sexual matters. The inclusion of routine
  • http://www.taldon.org/evalution-of-sexual-problems.html Evalution of sexual problems | Erectile dysfunction - Once a sexual complaint has been elicited, a detailed history of specific behavior should be obtained. Terms for sexual disorders may be misused, exaggerated.
  • http://www.taldon.org/treatment-of-sexual-problems.html Treatment of sexual problems | Erectile dysfunction - Some sexual problems resolve spontaneously during the evaluation process, especially during an extensive workup. With those problems that persist, the physician
  • http://www.taldon.org/diagnosic-of-sexual-problems.html Diagnosic of sexual problems | Erectile dysfunction - When significant organic factors are present, a useful distinction can be made between sexual symptoms that arise directly from organic disorders, such as
  • http://www.taldon.org/martial-counseling-by-the-physician.html Martial counseling by the physician | Erectile dysfunction - The evaluation of sexual problems almost invariably requires some attention to marital or other sexual relationships. Counseling that focuses primarily on these
  • http://www.taldon.org/viagra.html Viagra | Erectile dysfunction - Viagra is the generic name of the medicine containing sildenafil citrate as the major constituent, this medicine is taken orally.
  • http://www.taldon.org/cialis.html Cialis | Erectile dysfunction - Cialis is a medicine used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It can be a great help for many men who have erectile dysfunction in achieving and keeping an
  • http://www.taldon.org/life-and-choices.html Life and choices | Erectile dysfunction - People all over the world are moving to the city. The concept of urban living is catching up very fast. Most of those who have access to education realize that
  • http://www.taldon.org/nitric-oxide-and-impotence.html Nitric Oxide and Impotence | Erectile dysfunction - Nitric oxide and impotence are closely related. Nitric oxide helps in the proper erection and also helps in maintaining the erection.
  • http://www.taldon.org/reschedule-your-routine-to-get-the-healthy-body.html Reschedule your routine to get the healthy body | Erectile dysfunction - When you will try to find different tips for health and fitness, then you can find a numbers of ways which are available online. In addition to this, you can
  • http://www.taldon.org/the-benefits-of-exercising.html The benefits of exercising | Erectile dysfunction - There are many benefits of maintaining a health and fitness regimen. Exercising and watching what you eat is important for a healthy lifestyle.
  • http://www.taldon.org/herbal-viagra.html Herbal Viagra | Erectile dysfunction - If you are facing problems in your sexual life, try Herbal Viagra, which is known to give immense pleasure in sexual activity. Herbal Viagra has been seen to be
  • http://www.taldon.org/life-cycle-perspective.html Life Cycle Perspective | Erectile dysfunction - Each product has a particular life cycle and life span. This is true even of companies as well as organisations and human societies included.

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  • sagran - Made My scalp Worse!

    I never write reviews but this product will do some damage if you have a sensitive scalp. I had a few friends rave about this product. So trying to find a go solution for my thinning hair, since I have gone thru 100 products already, I gave it a shot. First the smell is bad. Reminds me of a cheap man's cologne. Thinking if it helped my hair grow, I would look over the scent. Three weeks in and my scalp is red and inflamed. It broke out my hair line in the back. It also my made my hair extremely dry. If I you go more than 1 day without washing your hair it will start to mat up on your scalp. I normally wash my hair every other day but if I went more than a dry, it made my hair feel gross. I am getting ready to try the Phylia de M. line. Heals the hair from the root, made with all botanicals.

  • shamika - great

    it as like new everything was great but it didnt come with the online code for the online portion but other than that it as fine

  • Jason Mack - did not work for me

    I was really hopeful for this product given all of the excellent reviews I read and the pictures i saw on Google. I followed the instructions exactly as written on the package. Today is day 8 and my feet had nowhere near the results the others reviewers posted about. I had some flaking of skin on top of my feet, similar to a sunburn but that us about it. Te bottom of my feet just seemed to dry out and that is about it. now i have very dry feet. Disappointed.