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  • B. Speer - Nice Messenger Bag Extra Small and Medium

    Bought the extra small size. Suspect it is the same details except the size of bag. **addendum: All the pockets are proportionate to the bag size. Just received medium. Pockets are more numerous and larger than XS. Much better for my big hands. Medium is big but not as big as expected. For my 6'2" it is ideal. Shop carefully as you increase size price does not increase proportionately when on sale.

  • Sheri Cooper - Did not work at all...

    I normally love Olay products but this didn't work for me. I followed the directions exactly and I was very disappointed.

  • Lindsay - It would have been nice if the snack tray could be removable

    It holds the car seat just as to be expected but my toddler has to be lifted in and out. It would have been nice if the snack tray could be removable.

  • Amber Rooney - Great

    I have been taking these for several days now. I take two with a glass of water about 30 minutes before I go to bed. It is easy to swallow. I have been sleeping so much better. I started having such a hard time sleeping and would constantly wake up through out the night and struggle to fall back to sleep. Now I have been able to fall right to sleep and stay asleep until my alarm goes off in the morning. I wake up so energetic and refreshed. These are great sleeping aids.

  • Ken in Denver - All you wanted to know about the Expert pen ...

    I've had probably a dozen of these Expert black with gold trim rollerball pens over 20 years, typically buying 2-3 at a time since I seem to lose one every year or two. Mont Blancs just seem too old-fashioned and snobby to me. I first saw a doctor writing with an Expert 2o years ago, and it looked so handsome I knew this would be my signature pen forever. "Handsome" is the right word since this pen is "masculine" in size. It's 5 1/2" long closed, 6" long opened, and 1/2" in diameter, so it's not for tiny hands or those who like light pens. For those, the Waterman slimmer "Perspective" or "Exception" or "Hemisphere" collections may be more appropriate. It operates like a fountain pen - you pull off the cap (top part in picture) and click it down onto the base (bottom part in picture) to write. You unscrew the two bottom parts to put in a refill.

  • Tim P. Essebaggers - no wonder horses look so good

    I had heard about this product from farmer Friend is mine but never could quite wrap my mind around buying it for using on my hair. However I was talked into it, I bought a bottle, & I really like the way it lathers and cleans my hair. Also, it has a very nice scent.

  • C. Burch - Great product

    I have short coarse hair and have had a terrible time finding products that help me create get a somewhat spikey look, without feeling like I have hard plastic in my hair. With this product you can still run your fingers through your hair, quickly refresh the lift throughout the day without adding more product. . Bonus - it also smells terrific!!