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Home - The Cat Clinic - As cat owners, it goes without saying that we love our feline friends. And of course, we want to take extra good care of them so we can spend as many years

  • http://www.thecatclinic.com.au/about About Us - The Cat Clinic - People bring their cats to us from all over Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich. They do this because they know that their cat will feel s
  • http://www.thecatclinic.com.au/how-can-you-help How can you help? - The Cat Clinic - Did you know that The Cat Clinic does much more than expert veterinary care for cats?? Our other activities include clinic research, education of veterinar
  • http://www.thecatclinic.com.au/before-you-come-in Before you come in - The Cat Clinic - Download forms Please speak to the nursing staff for more information on what forms you need to complete. To open the forms in a new window, click on the l
  • http://www.thecatclinic.com.au/info-for-vets Info for vets - The Cat Clinic - Burmese Hypoklaemic Polymyopathy Constipation, Colectomy and Perineal Hernia Feline Diabetes Blood Glucose Monitoring at Home Diabetic Remission Feline Dia
  • http://www.thecatclinic.com.au/how-to-contact-us How to Contact Us - The Cat Clinic - We love to have you come by our office just make sure to make an appointment first. Our office locations, contact details and trading hours are as below: C
  • http://www.thecatclinic.com.au/adoption-center Adoption Center - The Cat Clinic - Want to adopt a homeless cat? The Cat Clinic helps more than 100 cats and kittens a year find new homes. Our adoption centre is full of healthy kittens and
  • http://www.thecatclinic.com.au/services/after-hours-consultations-for-emergencies After hours consultations for emergencies - The Cat Clinic - We operate an emergency service for cats that require veterinary attention after hours. This service operates from our Mt Gravatt hospital and is available
  • http://www.thecatclinic.com.au/services/boarding Boarding - The Cat Clinic - From time to time most of us need to get away and finding a safe place to leave your cat can be quite a stressful event. Relax, you can leave them with us.
  • http://www.thecatclinic.com.au/services/grooming-and-clipping Grooming and Clipping - The Cat Clinic - These are usually done under a light general anaesthetic and can be combined with other short procedures such as dentals or lump removals. Cats can be clip
  • http://www.thecatclinic.com.au/services/desexing-or-spaying-your-female-cat Desexing or spaying your female cat - The Cat Clinic - Services for your cat Spaying Your Cat Spaying, or ovariohysterectomy, is the most common surgery performed by veterinarians.  It is a major abdominal surg

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  • Kandi - This umbrella is so unique and cool. I have never seen an umbrella that folds ...

    This umbrella is so unique and cool. I have never seen an umbrella that folds inverted like this one does. It is great for not getting water on you when you close it. I also lose that the handle has a little hook, that way you can store in the closet on a hook, plus it makes carrying it around really simple. I also really love the star pattern that is on the inside of the umbrella. Makes me feel like I have a little star show, while its raining. I had no problems, opening, putting it away or storing. It also comes with a cover - bag that will make it easy to carry in a tote or backpack for traveling. I am probably going to buy another one for my sister.

  • Anna - This product is awesome! I've never struggled with production until I was ...

    This product is awesome! I've never struggled with production until I was hit with a nasty case of mestitis, which crippled my production down to 50% in two days!! I was desperate to keep nursing, and so I ordered this product!! I combined it with capsules of blessed thistle and fenugreek, and currently- two weeks post the infection I'm producing about 30% more than I initially did!! I saw an increase in production within 3 days!! At this point I only take 1-2 capsules a day, as it seems to be enough!! The price is hefty, but honestly I think it's fair, and a lot cheaper than buying formula!!

  • Dr. M - Good results

    I have taken this for 2 months and have had good results. I am taking this not for hair loss, but for hair color.

  • mom of 2 Melissa - I love this stroller!

    We previously had a Britax stroller but it was recalled and I hadn't found something to replace it with until I found this one. We absolutely love this stroller. It has a smooth ride and can be navigated with one hand. The canopy is nice and big and definitely kept the sun and wind out of our daughter's face - even in windy Chicago.It folds up really easily and can be done one-handed as well.

  • John M. Lahr - Work great at keeping stuff off

    Used this on my pool deck, driveway and all sidewalks after I pressure washed them last time. Work great at keeping stuff off. At this rate I may never need to pressure wash again. Very easy to follow directions.

  • Amazon Customer - Dont doubt it!! Buy it! Its awesome❤

    I bought this for my cousin and He loves it❤🙌 it's just like the picture!! Great quality! Very satisfying customers! I recommend it😁👌