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  • Joanna - Flimsy for the size and sticky with glue

    Not sure who had the "brilliant" idea of gluing the label to the pan but it required some work to take it out. I have tried a few options and only when I came here to check out other reviews I saw the suggestion to use a hairdrier (thanks MaggieB!) that finally worked. Funny thing is, the label was actually separated with a bit of dried glue on it but the biggest chunk of glue was left on the pan. Really Norpro? Why gluing? Besides, it is not that the label had any useful information on how to clean or take care of the pan otherwise.

  • pjblomgren - Relief!

    A good friend told me about the Back2Life machine. Now he's my new best friend. I had surgery for a herniated disc (L5S1) 3+ yrs. ago. Recovery went well but @ 8 months after the surgery I began to have more pain. Turned out I had scar tissue from the surgery and was told more surgery would likely generate more scar tissue. I did 3 rounds of PT. Helped some. Then Back2Life. I've been using it for nearly 2 months. I was worried it wouldn't work because laying on my back causes pain. My back is good enough now that I can lay on it for the 12 minute treatment without pain. I should note the biggest improvement has been in my hamstrings. They ached pre and post surgery. Pretty much a nonissue since I started using the machine. I do still have occaisional pain in the small of my back but it's better than it's been for 2 yrs!

  • HouCup - Beautiful...very special holiday collectibles!

    We began our collection of these snowflakes before we were married and this year's ornament makes 17. Every year we hang them on a silver "tree" and they are striking as they catch the light beautifully. I love having this collection as we enjoy seeing them during the holidays.


    I practice good sleep hygiene & drink only 1 cup of coffee ea morning & used this product nite after nite (3 tablets at bedtime), but would only stay asleep four hours & could not get back to seep. Four hrs of sleep is just not enuf. However, no untoward side effects or 'hangover' but yet another waste of money in my quest for a decent nights sleep. Sigh...

  • Kevin G Buzzelli - Caution: does not work with Graco Snugride "click connect"

    This does not work with the Snugride "click connect" system. I have no use for this and have to return it.