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The Veterinary Expert Pet Health | Pet Health | Pet Webinars - The Veterinary Expert is committed to being the most reliable, respected and trusted source of pet health information available online.We want to support you by providing concise yet authoritative information on more involved medical and surgical issues that can affect your pets.

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  • http://www.theveterinaryexpert.com/pests-and-parasites/lungworm/ Lungworm - The Veterinary Expert| Pet Health - In this article we focus on Angiostrongylus vasorum  which is also known in the UK as ‘Lungworm’ or ‘French Heartworm’.
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  • http://www.theveterinaryexpert.com/anaesthetics/pre-anaesthetic-blood-tests/ Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Tests for Pets - Before your pet has an anaesthetic your veterinary surgeon may discuss with you pre-anaesthetic blood tests, amongst many important considerations.

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  • Paul K. Stauffer - Good, but some info is incorrect.

    This is a good college guide, among the best available. I have a 2010 edition and looked forward to the updated 2012 edition, as my daughter is a Senior in high school. The overall write-ups tend to emphasize the positive, with minor coverage of the negatives. The guide has helpful summary ratings on three categories. 1. Academics, 2. Social, and 3. Quality of Life. It can range from 1 to 6 in each category. Some of the ratings seem to be off, but generally they get it right.

  • S Ghartey - Light, stylish

    Excellent design. Lightweight. Easy to use. Baby seems comfortable. We needed something lighter than the Cruz to leave in the car.

  • Wolf0216 - Great Vehicle!

    This vehicle is well made, comfortable and has all the features I need. It also is rugged enough to handle anything I can throw at it. After many years in the Army, this is a like a luxury Humvee.

  • Camille - Where have you been all my life?

    Ok, so much like most people, I had read countless reviews on Vacuum cleaners, but afterwards, I still felt just as confused regarding which one to buy as when I first started.

  • M. Armendariz - Great pan- just know what to expect with stainless pans

    People- ALL STAINLESS SHEET PANS WARP WHEN HOT!!! You buy stainless ovenware if you are worried about aluminum leaching into your food. You want a pan that doesn't buckle at high temps and you don't care about aluminum's health issues? Great, then buy an aluminum sheet pan! Oven fry your bacon in Pyrex. Use this for cookies, jelly rolls (obviously), roasting vegetables, and cooking meats that don't release a lot of juices. Line it with parchment paper and press your n0-cook bars into it- the pan fits in my freezer. Pull out the parchment paper and cut your bars.

  • Joshua Wolf - Excellent read!

    Well written in the standard Griffin style. A real page turner. I would recommend reading the series in order as the characters will make more sense.

  • Justavet - Company is a sleaze

    This was a transaction where I obtained the unit directly from the Magicjack company. I have had the original mj for a little over a year. I received a "special offer by email only available for a limited number of units." First, I doubt that is anywhere near the truth. I just might have the US Attorney look at that marketing ploy. One of the things that I thought was good was that even though I would be losing about 6 months of service, I could keep my same mj number. NO WHERE DOES IT TELL YOU THAT IT WILL COST AN ADDITIONAL 19.95 TO DO THAT! I could understand that if it was another company or a land line, but this is their own company trying to get people to pay more for the same service (29.95 a year vs 19.95 a year).