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  • Jenny - not as good as SeaStar Books' version by Jerry Pinkney

    I borrowed SeaStar Books' version from library. Love it so much that I decided to buy one for my daughter. I ended up boought this one. But comparing the two books, I love SeaStar's version much better: the story is told in much more interesting way. My 3 and half year old daughter loves it when I read it to her. The language in this book is too bland.

  • Set Decorator - Wiped out the bedbugs and more.

    Very effective. It essentially killed EVERYTHING in one application. Wiped out the bedbugs I purchased it for but also carpet beetles, silverfish, moths and everything in its path. Unfortunately, it also killed a few bees that had wandered in... so per the instructions, DO NOT use outdoors since its highly toxic to bees.

  • jonas190 - Not the worst

    This is definitely not the worst movie I've seen. I went into it with low expectations. Kevin Sorbo>The Rock when it comes to the titular character, but at least the campy charm is present in both portrayals. I'm certainly no prude, but the occasional foul language just seemed a little out of place to me in this movie. And I'm still waiting for a film that uses accents from the region it's set in.

  • Mr. technology - it is not so great as i though

    i was really exited when i heard about this new product and i got it cheap. well, it is not so great as i though.