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  • The Guy in the Hat - Seems serviceable, hope to put it to use someday

    Content seemed useful, fairly well organized. Many different options provided for traversing Iceland. Format of ebook changed around the 50% mark, not sure if this is unique to my experience?

  • John McLeod - Makes you drag it "kicking and screaming" through the planning process - very counter-intuitive.

    I have used trip planning software for over 20 years, and have always enjoyed the experience. Not so with this software. It is extremely complex, and difficult to play "what if" options while planning your trip. The only problem is that all the other software's have stopped making updated versions, leaving this the only game in town.

  • B. Good - Fun! And it can teach you how to play!

    Pretty cool so far. I'm using it with my wife's acoustic guitar for now until I get an electric for Christmas. My low E string doesn't seem to pick up as well as the others and it's difficult to perform the whole step bends that the tutorial calls for. Once I get my electric I could see this game being amazing. I got 90% mastery on "Bleitzgreig Bop" after two weeks of playing the game. It's starts out having you play single notes and simplified rhythms and as you master that the game automatically adds more notes. It makes suggestions on what "lesson" you should play for something you will have to learn for the song you are currently working on. Sometimes it tries to add something more difficult and if you can't get it quick enough it will "dumb" it down again. It seems like a fun and cool way to learn guitar. I dont think it will replace your guitar teacher, but it will teach you how to play some songs.

  • Mom of 2 - Disappointed

    Bought this thinking I could connect it to my iPhone (as advertised). Does not work! Buyer beware. Now I can't return it.

  • Maverick - Rivaled only by a in home Personal Trainer

    As a novice to these types of games it was easy to use and understand, especially considering I had a bleary eyed 5 am start. The routines were easy to follow and the "learn it" features are great. My favorite so far is boot camp, lack of coordination made latin dancing frustrating, no slow step by step. You would have to run through the "learn it" a couple of times to get it. My other issue with this is that unlike most workout DVDs there are no modifications shown. I have challenges with my back and knees and some exercises such as plank push up are not for me. But if you are comfortable with ignoring the score you can do your own modification, after researching proper form, and have fun. The expectation is that over time you'll get better and your score will improve. But there so many options there is something for everyone. The calories burned is way off. I use a polar heart rate monitor and the system noted a 80 calorie burn my polar calculated 336. The Kinect interface is excellent and it will help you to learn and maintain proper form, important to minimize injury. So not as great as having a personal trainer coming to your home at 5am, but it is the next best thing!

  • B. R - Awesome lantern!

    This is just an AWESOME lantern! This lantern/flashlight is just the coolest thing I've received in a long time. It has two different static light settings as well as a strobe option. With a slight pull the flashlight extends into lantern mode which gives a nice bright 360 degree output. When I received it I charged it up until full (has battery gauge on top) and tested its longevity. It was able to last over 10 hours on a single charge. It has two hooks and some strong magnets that make it very versatile for any situation. I think it is useful that it can output a charge in case there is a power outage and your phone needs some more juice. The only negative I see is that to charge the lantern you need to use its built in cable that is a tad short. Being so short I can foresee a break at some point down the road so I would have rather had a micro usb input to charge the lantern. Having said that, the cable is working great now so I cannot dock it a star at this moment. I truly recommend this to anyone looking for a small lantern for emergencies or some extra lightning for that party that went a little long. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.