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Unharm - You know how a lot of people use drugs and most do it safely, but there’s still a lot of silence, stigma and fear about it?

  • http://www.unharm.org/drug_checking Drug checking - Unharm - Right now there’s no control for the contents, purity and potency of drugs sold illegally. The best we can do right now is to check what is really in those pills and powders.
  • http://www.unharm.org/filming_police Filming police - Unharm - Yes, it's legal to film the police. If you see something that doesn't look right, film it.
  • http://www.unharm.org/drug_checking_petition Drug checking petition - Unharm - We've teamed up with Melbourne mother Adriana Buccianti on a campaign for drug checking services. Adriana's son Daniel died at a music festival in 2012 after taking a drug that wasn't what he thought it was. She believes drug checking services are a step we need to take.
  • http://www.unharm.org/sending_a_message Sending a message - Unharm - You propose something pragmatic to reduce the risks of drug use, then someone says it would send the wrong message about drugs. This argument sounds tough, but it's all front.

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  • Bob Saunders - I love the Nero products!

    I have been using Nero 2012 platinum and decided to upgrade to the new version. It installed without issue or overwriting of the 2010 version. I have not used it much except to see if it would open a couple of videos I made with the 2012 version which it did.

  • Amazon Customer - they look great and seem to be very sturdy

    Not too difficult to install, though I wish the instructions were a little clearer in a few areas. These areas are how to palce the protective film (exactly how), that was confusing. All in all, they look great and seem to be very sturdy.

  • Shayne - Don't expect anything like her any of her last albums

    Don't expect anything like her any of her last albums. Joanne is definitely different for the most part, but it's also really good. Gaga put her heart into this and you can really tell. (Not that she didn't in her previous albums.) This one is definitely less pop/electronic, but if you love Gaga's voice and creativity and are a fan for life, you'll still love this one. Diamond Heart is my personal favorite on here, I think it's genius and absolutely love the beat and drums. I also loved Perfect Illusion when it came out. Grigio Girls is a really charming and good song too; I like it a lot. There are definitely quite a few slow songs on this album but they have such character and meaning. And I always end up liking most things from Lady Gaga. :)

  • Susan D. Myers - Nice low impact starter machine.

    I have been wanting a gazelle for years, so I finally broke down and bought one, and for the price, you cannot ask for a better deal. It was easy to assemble, and did not take long to master the balance. It is a nice impact free exercise to do in the comfort of home--i actually enjoy it. It folds nicely, but it is bulky to move around to store, but once again for the price, you cannot expect any more from it. I am fit anyway, but I like being able to maintain while I'm watching T.V. Doing a variety of positions and utilizing the full range of motion makes a big difference. I can hit my target heart rate, and I experienced quite a bit of soreness at first. Like any fitness machine, it is what you make of it, but I am very happy with my purchase.

  • Chris Jones - Didn't work for me.

    I've tried three different 3Pks within the last month and NONE of them have whitened my teeth at all. I've tried using it for a week at 1 hour and another week at 2 hours ... no change in color. For the record I have a slight yellow shade to my teeth.