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Albuquerque New Mexico Abortions, Miscarriage, Contraception, Essure, Vasectomy, IUD, Medicaid - Private and caring. The highest quality medical services and counseling provided by UNM Physicians, nurses and staff.

  • http://www.unmcrh.org/pregnancy-options-counselling/ Free pregnancy tests - Albuquerque | UNM Center for Reproductive Health - Our physicians appreciate your need to understand the details of available options. If you are unsure if you are pregnant, we offer free pregnancy tests on a walk-in basis.
  • http://www.unmcrh.org/abortion-care/ Abortion, Albuquerque New Mexico | UNM Center for Reproductive Health - Abortion care up to 22 weeks. The highest quality medical services and counseling, provided by extremely caring UNM Physicians, nurses and staff.
  • http://www.unmcrh.org/miscarriage/ Miscarriage Treatments Albuquerque | UNM Center for Reproductive Health - Counseling, diagnosing and treating women who have a miscarriage. We will work closely with you to help you through this time and to help you choose the best option for your situation.
  • http://www.unmcrh.org/birth-control-options/ Birth Control Options - Mirena, Paragard, IUD, Implanon, Depo-provera, Essure, tubal ligation | UNM Center for Reproductive Health - We offer all methods of birth control. It’s important that you receive the information you need to choose what’s best for you.
  • http://www.unmcrh.org/sterilization/ No Scalpel Vasectomy Albuquerque | UNM Center for Reproductive Health - Simple and Quick. Many insurances cover this procedure with a routine office co-pay.

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  • juice drinker - Whatever it is it's quite tasty

    It has a flavor that is addicting so if you don't want to crave a particular drink that isnt sold everywhere stay away, otherwise a very tasty drink. The ingredients are misleading but if you are an American, who cares it tates good and it's not too bad for you either, that's saying a lot for an American food product these days. I love this drink, fruit juice or fruit flavored, tastes good so I happy!

  • angela - Sometimes turns off when I didn't even press the power ...

    Sometimes turns off when I didn't even press the power button. Um wtf? And sometimes the camera doesn't even work. Lmao switching phone and company when I get a job.

  • Ryan - The 2012 edition we never had. Avoid the Kindle version, though!

    The 2013 edition is everything the 2012 edition of First Aid should have been. It's no surprise that there haven't been sweeping changes since last year's edition, but the images and errata have all been corrected. Can't really complain about this book. It's a bare-bones "skeleton" that can serve as a wonderful template for you to "flesh out" by annotating in information from USMLE World and whatever else floats your boat. It's a must-have for studying for the USMLE Step 1, and this is the best edition yet.


    I lost my original remote and the dealership wanted over $200 to replace. I have an 05' Toyota Tacoma truck and this replacement remote is exactly the same as my original. Even has the Toyota logo on the back of it. The programming took me about 10x to get right as it requires pulling the ignition key in and out, opening and closing the door numerous times, and then pushing the remote button in a certain sequence; kind of feel like an idiot for 30minutes but if you follow the directions that they give you from a website the end result is exactly what it supposed to do. LOCK button locks both doors, UNLOCK button pushed once unlocks the driver door, UNLOCK button pushed twice unlocks both doors, HORN button sets on/off the horn and flashing lights when you cant find your vehicle in a huge parkinglot. Bottom line....this remote works and you will save a ton!

  • Amazon Customer - I must admit that I love it! Just in 2 weeks my hips are ...

    I bought this cream because of the reviews! I must admit that I love it! Just in 2 weeks my hips are firmer and lifted. No lie! I never had buns and my curves now are forming my skin is smoother and tighter! I cant wait to see what my 6 months will be like!