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Urgent Care Extra: Arizona Urgent Care Clinics - Our conveniently located urgent care clinics are fully equipped with the latest technology to ensure that you receive the immediate medical care you need.

  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/arizona-locations/ Urgent Care AZ: Urgent Care Locations | Banner Urgent Care - Urgent care AZ - Banner Urgent Care has dozens of Arizona urgent care locations, and more coming soon. Find urgent care in AZ today!
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/services/ Urgent Care Services - Walk in Clinic | Banner Urgent Care - Walk in clinic - Discover convenient care options available at Banner Urgent Care. Learn more about our efficient, affordable urgent care services.
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/injuries/ Injury Treatment: Treatment of Injuries | Banner Urgent Care - Injury treatment - Find help & treatment for injuries at one of our many Banner Urgent Care locations today!
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/illnesses/ Illnesses: When to go to Urgent Care | Banner Urgent Care - What does urgent care treat? Banner Urgent Care has a professional staff and many locations that treat illness, ailments and other medical concerns.
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/tests/ Medical Testing - Urgent Care with X Ray | Banner Urgent Care - Medical testing - Find urgent care X ray services, medical blood tests, and more at Banner Urgent Care. Learn more today!
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/tests/x-rays/ X-Rays: Urgent Care with X-Ray | Banner Urgent Care - X Rays - Find urgent care x-ray services and more at Banner Urgent Care. Learn more about our walk in x-rays today!
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/urgent-care-payment/ Urgent Care Payment, Insurance, and More | Banner Urgent Care - Does urgent care take insurance? Can I set up an urgent care payment plan? Learn more about our insurance, payment plans, cash rates, and more.
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/ucemylab/ MyLAB – Cash Lab Testing Program | Banner Urgent Care - Banner Urgent Care provides urgent care lab testing at unbeatable cost-effective prices, solving the high cost problem of uninsured urgent care visits.
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/primarycare/ Primary Care Physician Near Me | Banner Urgent Care - Find the nearest primary care physician with Banner Urgent Care. Our urgent care physicians will ensure that you receive the immediate care you need.
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/pediatric-urgent-care/ Pediatric Urgent Care Near Me | Banner Urgent Care - Find the nearest pediatric urgent care with Banner Urgent Care. Our pediatric urgent care staff will ensure that you receive the immediate care you need.
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/family-urgent-care/ Family Urgent Care Near Me | Banner Urgent Care - Find the nearest family urgent care with Banner Urgent Care. Our family urgent care staff will ensure that you receive the immediate care you need.
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/weekend-urgent-care/ Weekend Urgent Care - Weekend Clinics | Banner Urgent Care - Is urgent care open on weekends? Banner Urgent Care provides weekend urgent care for all your immediate medical care needs. Learn more today!
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/physicals/ Urgent Care Physicals | Banner Urgent Care - Urgent Care Physicals - Does urgent care do physicals? Banner Urgent Care offers a comprehensive urgent care physical program package at an unbeatable price
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/sports-physicals/ Sports Physical - Walk in Sports Physicals | Banner Urgent Care - With an Banner Urgent Care sports physical, we administer comprehensive fitness tests and walk in sports physicals at an affordable cost.
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/flu-shots/ Urgent Care Flu Shot | Banner Urgent Care - Can you get a flu shot at urgent care? Our urgent care flu shot is available at a low cost with no appointment necessary. Learn more today!
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/prescriptions/ Low Cost Prescriptions: Low Cost Medicine | Banner Urgent Care - Low cost prescriptions: When you visit Banner Urgent Care, you will find we have low cost medications at a fraction of the pharmacy prices.
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/over-the-counter-medications/ Over the Counter Medications (OTC Meds) | Banner Urgent Care - Banner Urgent Care carries a variety of OTC- over the counter medications, because no one wants to make an extra stop when you don't feel well. 
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/occupational-health/ Occupational Health | Banner Urgent Care - Our occupational health program can reduce the overall cost of healthcare for your company. Learn more about the benefits of occupational health programs.
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/workers-comp-program/ Workers Comp Program | Banner Urgent Care - When unplanned employee accidents happen, our convenient urgent care locations offer employers quality urgent care workers comp while reducing costs.
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/tests/drug-test/ Drug Test - Urgent Care Drug Test | Banner Urgent Care - Drug testing near me? Find walk in drug testing services and more at Banner Urgent Care. Learn more about drug testing today!
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/about/our-process/ Walk in Medical Care: Our Process | Banner Urgent Care - No matter your medical needs, you will receive our exceptional walk in medical care at your next urgent care visit. Find an Banner Urgent Care near you!
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/about/our-philosophy/ Why Urgent Care? Our Philosophy | Banner Urgent Care - Why urgent care? Doctors, nurses and medical professionals have come together to create the Banner Urgent Care experience for hundreds of patients daily.
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/partners/ Urgent Care Partners  | Banner Urgent Care - At times we need to refer our customers to other specialists to help them feel better. Included here is a list of those who partner with us.
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/billpay/ Bill Pay: Banner Urgent Care Billing  | Banner Urgent Care - Manage your Banner Urgent Care billing online and pay your bill. If you are an international customer, please call our customer service at (480) 988-9108.
  • https://www.urgentcareextra.com/patients/ Patient Resources | Banner Urgent Care - We know that our patients are what keep us going, and we are prepared to go above and beyond to provide the best patient resources for you.

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