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VacToDate: Actualidad y Formación en Vacunas - Plataforma de formación e información científica especializada en vacunas de Sanofi Pasteur MSD

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City: -3.6838 Madrid, Spain

  • bmbranno - Not as affective as advertised!

    Well, I've been battling rattlesnakes for over 24 years in the remote AZ desert where we get approximately 12 to 15 every summer, and when I saw this convenient repellent I thought I'd give it a try. Gee, once those monsoons hit, which by the way is the rattlesnakes mating time period, the granules wash away and here comes the snakes, but this time they are in mating balls. Honestly, nature has a way of overcoming almost anything we attempt to use to keep them at bay, so perhaps it's best to learn to live with these annoying critters instead. I'd have to say that unless you have a way of keeping this repellent constantly dry and not tampered with by other animals (like my dogs) it will not be affective. Also, I now wonder just how many nasty chemicals I sank into my water table? Snakes are nasty, but drinking chemicals can be even more scary.

  • R. Burroughs - Perfect fit. Really a nice product

    Perfect fit. Really a nice product. Will most likely not have to remove them during vacuuming since they cover so well.

  • Jerome T. - Good Times!!

    Great game lots of fun, finally able to play with just camera and no move wands is excellent....When it works. Song selection is meh, could be better.