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  • https://www.vacurect-india.com/terms-and-condition/ Terms and Condition Vacurect Product Online Shop - The website offers products that are for use by people having ED problems. Vancor Impex reserves the right to accept or reject the offer.

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  • K. C. Kaericher - Hidden exclusions

    The advertising for this product indicates it fixes scratches and I'm shut it does just that. However, AFTER getting the instructions on hand you find out that it only foxes scratches on certain materials which, of course, excludes my car. Waste of money for me and anyone else with plastic parts that are scratched or clear coat protectant on their finish.

  • Ashley - old flat style frer is better by far

    I miss the old flat style frers. These new curved ones are less sensitive and known for odd results. I got a faint pink line on one of these new curved style ones but it didn't reach all the way to the edges. Other tests were clearly negative. I've also seen some friends who are pregnant in a ttc group I'm in test with both old and new style frers with the same urine at the same time and the new style is significantly lighter than the old frers. The old style is soooo much better. First Response, why would you change a good thing and make it worse???

  • CheleT - Sends telemarketers and scammers packing

    Sends all of those pesty telemarketers and scammers packing. I work from home and the number of unsolicited calls received (even though I'm on the do-not-call list) is just crazy. This app shuts them right down. Works great.

  • Jane Johnson - Beat those carry on and check luggage costs

    This bag is big enough to bring clothes for warm weather for a week and still stow it under the seat in front.