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  • Patricia A. Webster - The noise from the ball launcher scared my dog.

    I'm sure this is a great product and it works for some dogs, however, my dog was terrified of it. The ball launcher is so loud she would run for cover. There was no way she would ever consider approaching it to drop the ball in herself. It was worth it to try it but if your dog is noise sensitive this is not the product for you.

  • dennisaroy - Too many days.

    Unfortunately, there are far too many days left until the calendar expires... if you know what I mean.

  • MN_Papabear - Recommend Navien Tankless Water Heater

    Our house was built in 2008 and included a Navien CR-240. This was professionally installed and all the necessary components were matched including the 1" gas line and the gas meter. We moved into the house in early 2009 and were instantly pleased with the performance of the Navien water heater. This was our first experience with a tankless water heater, so we didn't have any expectations other than having to wait for hot water the further we were from the heater. Three years later, we experienced our first failure. Navien was quick to resolve the issue, and the local rep provided the replacement part within an hour. Tech support provided exactly the information I needed to replace the part, and the unit was back "on line" in less than one day. This unit has been providing unlimited hot water to our three bedroom, two and a half bath home that includes a whirlpool, two showers, dishwasher and HE washing machine. The most enjoyable attraction is the outdoor hot and cold water tap we use for our children's water slide! Even in chilly Minnesota spring and autumn days, our children can happily play in the sprinkler and water slide for hours. And they can do so even if we're doing laundry, taking a shower and washing the dishes. We are more than pleased with our Navien CR-240 and hope that it lasts for several more years without any additional problems. Despite many of the complaints I've read here, our unit doesn't produce the noises others have mentioned; we've haven't experienced any other problems or failures; and it has been 100% functional since the day we moved in; however, there is a slight odor outside near the vent.