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  • tobefrank - I followed the directions to a tee.

    I took 2 every morning for a few weeks or more. The directions said it would take a few weeks or more to feel any benefits. But I never felt anything. I was still getting sore throats and sick all winter and spring. I should of tried to get a refund.

  • TEXAS WOMAN - Beauticul soft oval brush glides over my face.

    This was my first experience using a makeup brush, I am glad it was with the Rose Gold Brush. Delivery was fast within 3 days, arriving in a well packaged box, and inside the brush itself was in a firm black cardboard brush. The brush appears elegant and is so soft, there is no noted bristle loss. Included are instructions which I though was a great added benefit. I would recommend a YouTube video also to help answer questions and make it a successful use. I have used mineral brushes and those ugly triangle sponges before but nothing compared to the oval makeup brush. It picks up my makeup and applies it smoothly and evenly, since the brush is so soft and light I can barely feel it. Guess what will be in my adult daughters gifts this year? Yup, the Rose Gold Oval Makeup Brush. I would like to add, I had an issue ordering, after e-mailing the seller, i received an email right back, we were able to fix the issue, (which was an electronic glitch) and all is well. Great customer service.

  • Lennart E. Lundgren - Their automatic reply works pretty good, but nothing else

    I purchased 11 last year. it would not accept the Password. Evidently they put the wrong label on the disk sleeve. Their automatic reply works pretty good, but nothing else. I have never heard from them I put in a service & sales request.

  • Amanda - This WILL prevent stretch marks.

    When I got pregnant I gained 70 pounds (I know...) Long story short, I put this on my belly religiously everyday as soon as I started to show (around 10-12 weeks). I used it the entire pregnancy and I never got one single stretch mark on my stomach (and it was huge). I know it was the cream because I got stretch marks everywhere else that I didn't use the cream (breasts, thighs, hips, buttocks, etc.). Stupidly, I only thought of the belly as an area to worry about. (I guess if you don't gain 70 pounds it's no big deal!) Anyway, my skin on my stomach is completely flawless but everywhere else is a nightmare! Do yourself a favor and put this on everyday. Also, learn from my mistake and put it on all the areas that will grow!

  • Kindle Customer - Totally captivating.

    Let me start this review by saying I don't read science fiction! However something caught my eye, perhaps the title, and I read the synopsis. I REALLY enjoyed this book. Exciting, thought provoking, intelligent, and oh so interesting. Even if you thought you didn't care for science fiction, I urge you to read this. You will never avoid science fiction again

  • RPBCC - Not nearly as bright as advertised.

    This is dimmer than a cheap Chinese brand I bought on Amazon that stated only 180 lumens. I don't see how it is possible this is 300 lumens. Not impressed at all with the brightness. Using brand new duracell quantum batteries.