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vrphobia.eu • VRMI transforming healthcare through technology - VRMI uses traditional cognitive-behavioral therapy in addition with virtual reality 3D computer simulations and biofeedback for treating patients with stress,anxiety,trauma and chronic pain

  • http://www.vrphobia.eu/clinical-services vrphobia.eu • Conquering Panic, Anxiety and Phobias through Virtual Therapy - VRMI offers clinical services such as treatment of ADHD, panic disorders, PTSD clinical treatment,anxiety disorders and different phobias
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  • Raquel - Simple Great Functional Laptop

    I use cloud-based storage and use this laptop for day-to-day telecommuting work, Netflix and music. Bluetooth works great with both my Anker speaker and my Amazon Echo. HDMI detects without issue and screen mirrors to my LED TV. My Nikon camera is recognized via USB.

  • Frank J. Laviano - Nice read but typos need to be corrected

    Fascinating and surprisingly insightful of the untold insider story of them both. Nice read but typos need to be corrected.

  • Carol - facebook

    I agree with another reviewer. I DON'T WANT TO LOG INTO FACEBOOK TO PLAY!!!!! The Facebook sign in screen came up 6(yes 6) times just trying to get to play. They're not going to force me to sign in. I'll be deleting soon! It was fun til now.

  • IslandGirl - Absolutely the BEST!

    The absolutely BEST (hands down) instant (or otherwise) mashed potato's I have ever had. Soooooooooo flavorful! And just 3 ingredients - potato's, sea salt and butter! This may or may not be a good thing as now that I know they exist, they're all I want to make as a side dish!

  • Emily V - It's great

    This is just a quality blender that I love. I purchased it because consumer reports gave it a high rating so I went with what they had to say. What I like about it is that it is very sturdy and solid when blending. The blade on this is SERIOUS! (which I love). It is all dish washer friendly and I've been enjoying it very much. I like how it doesn't give me 4,000 useless options and just has it simplified to what my needs are. My boyfriend and I like to make shakes and iced coffee, so our experience with the blender is largely from that.

  • shockwave76 - Ultimate reference

    This comprehensive reference, proves to be more than just a glossary of commands and tips. First couple of chapters serve as a introductory course into Excel basics for novice users and those who wish to build their excel skills from the ground up.

  • Darrell Goforth - Two units shipped were defective

    I ordered this unit and upon installation found it to be defective. This description was from Samsung support. When I informed Ritz Camera of the problem, they gladly took the unit back and sent another. I had the same problem with the second unit and after having a Samsung technician attempt to install it, it was declared defective also. I would say that it's possible that the defect in in the television itself, but the tech also replaced the mother board effectively making it a new tv. When I imformed Ritz of this outcome, they gladly took the unit back and issued a refund.