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Galbraith Mountain Pediatric Dentistry | Childrens Dentist | Bellingham WA - Pediatric dental care. We refer to orthodontists and oral surgeons. Fillings and sealants. Friendly staff. Dedicated service as your children's dentist.

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  • BusyMomOf2 - The guide is terrific if you travel to the “selected" areas of Germany

    The guide is terrific if you travel to the “selected" areas of Germany. However, this is NOT a complete guide for the whole country and it leaves out large parts of touristy regions such as the Allgaeu around Oberstdorf, the Bavarian Forest around Passau and the North Sea and its islands (not even Sylt is mentioned!). As a native I bought this guide to see how Americans view our country and what they deem important or curious. I had to laugh out loud when I read that Germans do not wear flip flops unless they go swimming. He’s referring to the “Badeschlappen”, yes, but don’t worry, I walk around in flip flops all the time in summer and no-one ever asked if I’m about to go swimming :-) I like how much Rick goes into detail for example when planning to see Neuschwanstein. All in all a great guide if you stick to the places he describes but arm yourself with e.g. a Fodor’s Germany in case you feel like discovering something else.

  • Amazon Customer - h20 floss quiet design less than 50db

    ive had this for about 3 days and it seems to work pretty darn good however my only concern is the warranty on the back you can not reach the email on the back of the instruction book sooo why put it there they say 2 yrs so you will have to entirely go through amazon ive had a water pik for over 10 yrs but that was in the 80s made in the USA but this unit I tolerable as far a noise concerns and they give you plenty of attachements 12 altogether the motor and unit are heavy duty it does a thorough job of cleaning I will update if there is any problems

  • Grock'en - Lasted about 10 mins and I could no longer take the terrible acting & script

    I tried to watch as much as I could. Lasted about 10 mins and I could no longer take the terrible acting & script. Surely this was written by a teenager wanting to be a Director/producer. I have to rate this as a Terrible B movie verging on C.

  • Damien - I was sceptical that this would work. Not only does it work but I would never use anything else!

    Last summer my 65lb dog and I went (unknowingly) to stay at a place that was infested with fleas. Within 3 days, she was scratching until her skin bled, and her skin was crawling. She had a fever, as she is allergic to fleas, and she was miserable. At first, I had thought the heat bothered her so it took me a couple of days to look for fleas. She was covered in them.

  • Krulak - Shorty

    Garage door broke off factory antenna. Also breaking the mount when the door didnt open all the way. This new antenna is shorter which should help avoid the problem in the future.