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Home - Wound Care Education Partners - Wound Care Education Partners is a professional medical education company comprised of specialized educators who are licensed and/or board certified in their area of expertise and who is focused on providing high quality and meaningful healthcare educational programs to medical facilities and clinics, home healthcare agencies and individuals. The partners have decades of combined healthcare experience and are represented by medicine, nursing and healthcare business.

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  • Snappy - Not for dancing, but good stuff.

    Pretty good, but not what her fans are expecting. This is a singer/songwriter album, not a dance album. It makes me think of the Killers with a little bit of Lana Del Rey. Anyone who bought this after hearing the dance single might be disappointed, but it's a nice, calm album.

  • Fizz Assist - Made a big profit for me!

    After buying this decided to sell it on Ebay. Someone called kimjonun83 bought it for $500 and even paid all the postage to North Korea!

  • Lord Vader - Bitdefender brings systems to a crawl

    I will start out this review by stating that I am glad I bought this with a 100% rebate offer, so at least I didn't wast any money on this POS product! First off, Bitdefender will bring your system to a crawl, especially in regards to browsing the internet. It seems to scan at random intervals, and always has to do a full scan whenever I plug a flash drive in. Startup and shutdown take significantly longer than before installing BitDefender. Whereas most AV programs let you configure when you want scans to happen, this is not possible with BitDefender; it will simply scan your system whenever it wants, bringing your system to a crawl. Your only recourse when this happens it to reboot your PC. However, you'll probably need to do a hard shutdown by holding in the power button until the computer shuts off, because BitDefender will cause the shutdown process to take forever!