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  • Old Retired Dude - Excellent quality except for ....

    I just ordered a second one because the first one broke after two months. It is surprisingly well built except for one critical part; the button on the top of the pen is attached to an incredibly flimsy switch inside the pen. I suggest you only apply the lightest pressure the button. The switch is mounted perpendicular to the button. If you put much pressure on the button, part of the switch mechanism will detach from the circuit board.

  • Mathew - Just what i wanted

    Got it today and it is exactly what i expected. It can hold 2 forms of ID and a credit card. You could probably slip in a business card as well.

  • R. D. Wolf - After running a scan I made the big mistake of ...

    After running a scan I made the big mistake of allowing it to auto fix the problems it identifed. After rebooting I noticed my audio was no longer working. After much effort I found the system audio and audio end point files were gone and others were corrupted. Tried the PC Matic restore function and still no go. Tried to refresh my computer from my Windows 8 disc and found out the "free" upgrade to windows 8.1 would not recognize my disc as valid... Having run out of options I reloaded Windows 8 and spent the next two days loading software and recovering what files I could, I did lose all my email files. PC Matic refunded all my money and ended by saying how sorry they were things didn't work out for me...

  • Kyle Warner - Fun writing and art really captures the characters we love

    I have a friend who's been telling me that I need to read IDW's Ghostbusters comics for a couple years now. I keep telling him, 'Yeah, sure. Of course I will!' ... Well, it took me a long time to finally act on his recommendation, but here I am! And no, I don't love it quite as much as he does, but I did enjoy this enough to wanna read the next volume. It's a fun comic, with colorful art and strong writing that really captures the different characters (especially Egon and Venkman).