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Yankee Shelties - Breeding Quality Shetland Sheepdogs - Have peace of mind by purchasing from a responsible breeder. Utilize tips on these pages that keep Shelties vibrantly happy and healthy. Located in Newark, Delaware.

  • http://www.yankee-shelties.com/sheltie-puppies-for-sale.html Healthy Sheltie Puppies For Sale In Delaware - To give you peace of mind, all my 8 week old sheltie puppies for sale have a full purchase price refund guarantee for the lifetime of the dog.
  • http://www.yankee-shelties.com/dog-shows.html What Kind Of Dog Shows Are There? - Dog Shows are fun for spectators and participants. Several trials go on at one time; vendors sell doggie stuff, and enough dogs in and out of the ring to boggle the mind. Wanna come?
  • http://www.yankee-shelties.com/sheltie-breeders.html How Responsible Sheltie Breeders Work - For reputable sheltie breeders, a good start in their breeding program is getting medical clearances on their breeding stock. What are they and why are they done? Read more here...
  • http://www.yankee-shelties.com/sheltie-boarding.html Sheltie Boarding: An Alternative To All Breed Dog Kennels - If you are looking for minimal vaccination kennel for Sheltie boarding in a home environment, I’d be happy to help. Your pup would be part of the family.
  • http://www.yankee-shelties.com/sheltie-groomer.html Sheltie Groomer At Your Service In Newark, Delaware - Sheltie groomer services at a reasonable price. Bathed, brushed, nails clipped, ears,feet and hocks trimmed. Located in Newark, Delaware.
  • http://www.yankee-shelties.com/dog-daycare.html Dog Daycare Exclusively For Shelties In Newark, DE - Just like the dog boarding I do, it's just me and my pack welcoming a few other Shelties to Dog Daycare
  • http://www.yankee-shelties.com/dog-care-products.html Dog Care Products I Recommend - Researching the right dog care products for your Sheltie? To save you time, here are products I like and use with links to companies that sell them.
  • http://www.yankee-shelties.com/canine-nutrition.html Canine Nutrition Improves When Using Natural Foods - Don’t let commercial dog food companies convince you that they’re the only ones who know about canine nutrition. It’s as simple as feeding your (human) children. Really.
  • http://www.yankee-shelties.com/dog-care-advice.html Dog Care Advice To Keep Your Shetland Sheepdog Healthy - I'm adamant about keeping my Shelties happy and active for many years to come. I'm happy to share a variety of dog care advice I've picked up over the years.
  • http://www.yankee-shelties.com/dog-parasites.html Control Dog Parasites Like Fleas, Ticks and Worms - Keeping your Sheltie free from typical dog parasites can be confusing with all the hype from manufacturers. Pick and choose only what they need.
  • http://www.yankee-shelties.com/sheltie-personality.html The Yin - Yang of Sheltie Personality and Temperament - Owners of shelties see their joyful quirkiness and exuberance for life. The rest of the world may only see the, “who are you and why should I care?” attitude. Ah, the sheltie personality!
  • http://www.yankee-shelties.com/puppy-advice.html Some Puppy Advice For Your New Sheltie - Bringing a puppy home for the first time can be a pleasure or a nightmare. Find out how to “think dog” and make it easier for your Sheltie and you by following this puppy advice.
  • http://www.yankee-shelties.com/dog-illnesses.html Preparing For Dog Illnesses - With what dog illnesses are you familiar? Do you know symptoms to watch out for? What’s the best course of action to take?
  • http://www.yankee-shelties.com/yankee-shelties-forum.html Yankee Shelties Forum For All Things Related To Shelties - Yankee Shelties Forum is a discussion board for everyone to ask questions, speak their mind or show off their shelties!
  • http://www.yankee-shelties.com/Yankee-Shelties.html About Yankee Shelties - A 30 year history about Yankee Shelties and how things developed will give you a better feel for the person “behind the curtain”.of this website
  • http://www.yankee-shelties.com/contact-yankee-shelties.html Contact Yankee Shelties - Contact Yankee Shelties using this easy form. You will receive a response to your inquiry with 48 hours.
  • http://www.yankee-shelties.com/shelties-blog.html Yankee Shelties Updates - This page keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the yankee-shelties.com Web site. Subscribe here.

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