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Biometric Technology in Malaysia | YASMIN Teknologi - Yasmin Teknologi provides biometrics technology services in Malaysia which are automated methods to recognize human beings on basis of unique characteristics.

  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/about/ About Us | Yasmin TEKNOLOGI - Our goal at Yasmin TEKNOLOGI is to design and implement large scale of biometrics-based security systems to satisfy our valued customers.
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/about/our-partners/ Our Partners | YASMIN TEKNOLOGI - At partners page of Yasmin Teknologi you will find details of our strategic partnerships with international and local information technology vendors
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/about/our-clients/ Our Clients | YASMIN TEKNOLOGI - At Our clients page of Yasmin Teknologi you will find list of our valued clients to whom we have provided our services.
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/about/technologies/ Technologies: AFIS Solutions, Open Systems, Applications - Here you can find the different technology security systems like Automated Fingerprint Identification System and Open Systems their solutions and application.
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/products/ Products | Yasmin Teknologi - At products page you will find list of all products along with details so that you can easily choose what best suits you.
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/products/morpho/ Morpho Biometric devices at Yasim Teknologi Malaysia - Yasmin Teknologi is one of the leading supplier of morpho security and identifying products in Malaysia making peoples' life safer and easier.
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/products/software/ Software - On the software page of Yasmin Teknologi you will find list of Softwares which we offer for our valued clients.
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/products/others/ Other Products: Hardware Protection Key and Identity Camera - Yasmin Teknologi provide wide range of biometric systems. You can also find here other security products like Hardware Protection Key and Identity Camera..
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/solutions-services/ Solutions & Services at Yasmin Teknologi - We at Yasmin Teknologi are focusing on delivering best solutions and superior quality of service to our clients so that you can concentrate on your business.
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/solutions-services/projects/ Projects of Yasmin Teknologi - At the project page of Yasmin Teknologi you will find details of our projects on which we are working or which we have already delivered.
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/solutions-services/professional-services/ Professional Services | Yasmin Teknologi - Yasmin Teknologi offers a wide range of Solution Implementation Services, from start to the completion of project.
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/solutions-services/call-centre-and-managed-services/ IT support services and Call Centre Management - Yasmin Teknologi provides reliable and cost effective IT support services to our valued clients either they are a small or enterprise level organization.
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/blog/ Official Blog | Yasmin Teknologi - This is the official blog of Yasmin Teknologi where you will find latest information related to biometrics technology.
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/blog/media-gallery/ Media Gallery of YASMIN TEKNOLOGI - At media gallery page of YASMIN TEKNOLOGI you will find images of events related to our work, clients and services.
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/contact-us/ Contact Us | Yasmin Teknologi - Please do contact us if you want to know about the our products and services. We are always excited to help you.
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/career/ Career in Software Services, Sales and Operations - Looking for career opputunities visit our page and apply for the desired job if you meet our job criteria.
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/portfolio/sagem-morphoaccess/ Sagem MorphoAccess™ - This product family is no longer in production for a similar product please visit our MorphoAccess Sigma Series or orphoAccess Sigma Lite Series pages.
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/portfolio/biometric-scanner/ Biometric Scanner for Facial Recognition | Yasmin Teknologi - Biometric Scanner for facial recognition at Yasmin teknologi is the best solution designed to secure and accurate management of people flow from sensitive areas
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/portfolio/ma-sigma-lite-series/ MA SIGMA Lite Series - Engineered with the same attention to detail and performance as their predecessor, the MorphoAccess SIGMA Lite terminals are specifically designed to equip
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/portfolio/fingerprint-time-attendance-system/ Fingerprint Time Attendance System | Yasmin Teknologi - Looking for fingerprint time attendance system Sagem Morpho Access is the perfect biometric system. It promotes your human resource system to the next level.
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/portfolio/morpho-3d-face-reader/ Morpho 3D Face Reader - By analyzing the three-dimensional structure of the user's face, it achieves extremely accurate matching while ensuring high throughput. With Morpho 3D Face
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/portfolio/morphotop/ MorphoTop - MorphoTop has been specially designed for registration and verification where the use case requires 4 fingerprints simultaneously or rolled fingerprints
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/portfolio/biometric-accecss-control/ Biometrics Access Control System - Yasmin Teknologi - Biometrics access control system at yasmin technologi provides perfect security by strong physical access control and accurate Time and Attendance management.
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/portfolio/morphosmart-300-series/ MorphoSmart 300 Series - MorphoSmart 300 Series is capable of high quality single fingerprint image acquisition, biometric template coding and fingerprint matching.
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/portfolio/morphosmart-1300-series/ MorphoSmart 1300 Series - Range of compact biometric USB devices. They use Morpho's patented optical technology and fingerprint algorithms, acknowledged worldwide for their high levels
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/portfolio/afis/ AFIS: Automated fingerprint Identification System Malaysia - We at Yasmin teknologi provides (Afis) automated Fingerprint identification system in Malaysia which can capture and process fingerprint data for recognition.
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/portfolio/mophotablet/ MophoTablet - Yamin Teknologi - Using biometrics fingerprint, facial recognition and cryptographic functions it guarantees secure mobile data operations, including mobile ID controls.
  • http://www.yasmin.com.my/the-role-of-biometric-technology-in-todays-world/ The Role of Biometric Technology in Today’s World - Protecting data and information has become important in this complex information age. Major corporations, healthcare companies, government as well as private

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