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Youth Fitness Council - Youth Fitness Council is dedicated to providing research based information on youth and family health, fitness, and exercise. We provide online tutorial for exercise, with videos and written description. As well, Youth Fitness Council offers evidence based nutrition information.

  • http://www.youthfitnesscouncil.com/guidelines-for-exercise-adherence/ Guidelines For Exercise Adherence | Youth Fitness Council - Our world struggles with exercise compliance. When our healthcare system prioritizes pharmacological methods over prevention, it indicates a less than positive view of our population's ability to stick with a healthy lifestyle.
  • http://www.youthfitnesscouncil.com/chemicalization-of-meat-products/ Chemicalization of Meat Products | Youth Fitness Council - Consumers find themselves lost in the jungle of food label confusion and conflicting reports by scientist and Food labelmarketers. As more Americans become privy to terms such as Organic, Grass-fed, No GMO’s, etc. the rest of the world wonders what the fuss is all about.
  • http://www.youthfitnesscouncil.com/fresh-food-the-new-revolution/ Fresh Food: The New Revolution | Youth Fitness Council - An integrated approach including changes in social life, diet, and minimizing stress exposures can improve our health and enable us to fend off disease and live a longer and happier life.
  • http://www.youthfitnesscouncil.com/modes-of-exercise/ Modes of Exercise | Youth Fitness Council - Article discusses Exercise Modes, Exercise Frequency, Exercise Duration, Exercise Intensity, and what to expect.
  • http://www.youthfitnesscouncil.com/train-skills-for-safety-in-sports/ TRAIN SKILLS FOR SAFETY IN SPORTS | Youth Fitness Council - At Youth Fitness Council we understand injury statistics. We feel youth should focus on skills of the game and also engage in comprehensive training programs.

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  • Romney Pattison - Easy to setup, basically the same QB it has always been.

    The multiple user mode setup with a server it extremely easy, the server software will actually find the networked computers running QB and do the mapping for you. Product wise, well its QB, the new GUI is uglier than previous ones (we updated from 2010) but everything seems to work and the typical QB bugs are still there (default addresses not properly saving) For the $400 it costs you won't get a more powerful small business accounting system. We dont use any of the additional Intuit based services they try to sell you within the program so I cant comment on thosee.

  • EPrice - Solar Lights are the BEST!

    I have a large yard and the street lights do not reach around the house. I'm not an electrician either, so soar lights are the perfect answer to those dark spots in the yard - OR for landscaping and highlighting your home at night. Although I received these lights free, I am choosing to leave this unbiased review as a direct reflection of my personal experience using them. The packaging and delivery was as secure and prompt as expected and the setup of the lights was extremely easy. Directions were enclosed, however I didn't need them as they are consistent with other products like this that I have used. (I did read them though!). All pieces were intact, wrapped separately and easy to assemble. The stake settled in the pole quite securely and has enough tip to be able to seat into the ground with ease. The lights came on immediately once activated so I set them out to charge. Once they were charged (for a day) they have been very bright, illuminating the yard and surrounding areas quite well. These lights are a nice silver tone and look good in the daytime and when lit up at night. They don't come on when I have the back porch light on, but they are on when there are no lights on around them. That's addressed in the directions as well. I am very pleased with these lights - they are just what I need in my back yard!

  • Clark - Excellent Photo Quality

    This is the best camcorder I have ever used. Affordable and worth every penny of it. The videos are amazing as it feels like you are there when watching them. The image is so clear and amazing. This is a very nice portable camcorder that works great & highly recommend.

  • d foster - Hate this printmaster. Just awful.

    I have used Printmaster, other versions, for many years. It was a fun and entertaining product. I just purchased this 2012 version. It is just horrible. Not fun at all. There are fewer tools and hardly any graphics.

  • Lindsay Elizabeth Otts - Great product!

    Awesome product! I weighed 240 when I started SST and haven't even finished the bottle and I'm 223 now!

  • The Dream - Couldn't complain

    Just simply no problems. I've also bought the 75W-140 lube and will update this review if I find that any better than this 75W-90 one.


    This nasal aspirator puts all others to shame. My 9 month old girl has a stuffy nose often. The Baby Vac Aspirator clears her nose about 90% even when heavily congested. We already owned a small wet / dry vac, so simply removed the paper filter. Cleaning the vaccum is simple with a littel Dawn dishwashing liquid and a quick soak out on the patio. This nasal vac makes the old bulb we have look primitive. And the nasal vaccum that looks like a fabric lint shaver isn't much different. The Baby Vac Nasal Aspirator puts them all to shame and allows my baby to breathe much easier. I'm ordering another one (or maybe two) to keep at grandparents homes. Even if I have to buy them a small wet/dry vac to go along with them, it's absolutely worth it.