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  • DScottRiding - Will Do It Manually!

    Well, Turbo Tax is too expensive now, and Tax Act doesn't even have the options available for me to enter information from my W-2. You would think that PEN and INS would be at least an option if it appeared on my W-2, but nooo. Now I'm at a standstill and cannot figure a way to get my money back.

  • Nova25 - No Major Issues for Me

    I have used McAfee security products for over 5 years. I have this installed on my Dell desktop and Toshiba laptop computers. I had no problems installing it on either machine. Buying from Amazon is MUCH cheaper than renewing directly from McAfee! Personally, I have tried Norton & Kaspersky in the past, but prefered McAfee. The only "complaint" I have is - it does slow your computer down quite a bit when it is running its scans. But when that happens, I usually "cancel" the scan, and run it manually, when it is more convenient for me (if time/speed is an issue). The navigation screen is slightly bothersome, but once you learn where to find things, it's okay. There are features that are included that I do not need or use. For basic interent protection, it has worked for me. I plan to stick with McAfee for 2014.