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  • Kathleen Parrett - REAL relief!

    This medicine is not cheap...it costs @ $25.00 ...but the relief it gives makes it worth every penny!

  • Drew - The stickers were cheap. They didn't have the players ...

    The stickers were cheap. They didn't have the players team name on them nor did they have the players bye weeks. And the draft board was way to big for a draft board. I would not buy this draft board again

  • mysticalrising - Great book so far

    I wish I had got the paper back and still might. My husband have been following this for a week and a half and I have lost 8 lbs so far. I signed up for her recipes and they are great too! Highly recommend. Also she mentions her products but alternatives as well so I don't know what the other person was thinking. She is in business.

  • Holly - It's okay but I wont be buying it again

    The reason for the 3 stars is because I didn't feel anything from them except it drained my energy but my wheat grass pills helped. I was thinking this could help with the hairs on top of my head to grow in thicker, I was bored in a small town and nothing to do so I picked the bumpy hairs on the top of my head and turns out there was nothing wrong with them and they are bumpy because I have wavy curly hair. Well after several years of oiling my scalp I brought those hairs back to life. I will never be a bored picker again, that was not a fun experience and going to the salon and asking the lady that didn't know what I did tell me that the hairs aren't grown in, didn't help. Then I tried this shampoo and conditioner that right after I washed my hair it was like I didn't wash it at all, huge grease pit on my whole scalp. Well I wanted even more hairs to come back to life so I took these pills. I really didn't think they would help with my natural hair line(I have my dad's hair line-a side part- but I like to part it between the middle and the side part but the natural parting looks like crap sometimes) but that was worth a shot to. I want thick hair, and I wanted all my hairs to grow back. I'm not sure if they helped with the hairs I pulled when I was bored but they all grew back with oiling. And I still continue to oil because I want strong hair and a strong scalp. I just wanted them stronger with these pills. The only thing I noticed after being off these pills is my energy is getting back to normal. So I wont be continuing these pills.

  • Sylvia - Great smell

    I love the smell, I dont like washing my hair more than 3 times a week and the smell definetly stays, After i wash it, i feel my hair dry, so I would not recomend it if you have very procesed hair... other than that... the product is great, and the sellers deliver on time..

  • Love one another - Works!!

    I got the job and this is the second time using it!!! It doesn't taste bad but I about threw up because it's just so dang sweet. I ate crackers with it too. Just 4 of them and it helped. It's just rough because you have to take it on a empty stomach. My test was sent to a lab!! Love this stuff.