Your Healing Diet - Use food as medicine to improve many chronic diseases. Deirdre Earls, Registered Dietitian, author of Your Healing Diet, speaker and dietary consultant, can help.

  • Why I Do This — Your Healing Diet - Deirdre has struggled with severe psoriasis for 30+ years; a healing diet created significant symptom reversal more than any medicine or doctor could before.
  • Credentials — Your Healing Diet - Deirdre Earls, MBA, RD, LD, has 23 years experience as a registered dietitian, and more than 12 years clinical experience working with patients and clients.
  • My Approach — Your Healing Diet - Deirdre’s goal is to optimize health with a healing diet that is evidence-based and leverages experience working in teaching hospitals and research facilities.
  • Areas of Specialty — Your Healing Diet - Deirdre has deep expertise in using diet to help skin/dermatology, immune disorders, allergies, pediatric and wellness/healing/prevention.
  • Overview of Books — Your Healing Diet - Your Healing Diet is available as a general guide worldwide. Three editions contain special chapters + information for Austin, New York and Dallas/Fort Worth. 
  • Your Healing Diet — Your Healing Diet - More info and reviews about Your Healing Diet: A Quick Guide to Reversing Psoriasis and Chronic Disease through Healing Foods, available worldwide.
  • Austin — Your Healing Diet - More info, where to buy and reviews about Your Healing Diet Austin by Deirdre Earls, MBA, RD, LD.
  • New York City — Your Healing Diet - More info, where to buy and reviews about Your Healing Diet New York City by Deirdre Earls, MBA, RD, LD.
  • Overview of Services — Your Healing Diet - With 30+ years professional and personal experience in creating diet plans, Deirdre Earls, RD offers public speaking, private consultations and menu analysis.
  • Public Speaking — Your Healing Diet - Deirdre Earls, RD’s public speaking background includes large conventions, continuing education, campaign spokesperson and local groups.
  • Consultations — Your Healing Diet - Deirdre Earls, RD can help you and/or your family change the way you eat with a plan that works for your lifestyle and motivation level.
  • Other — Your Healing Diet - Deirdre Earls, RD offers special project services such as menu design/review/planning, public/ group education projects, and internship sponsorship.
  • Press — Your Healing Diet - Watch TV interviews and read print articles about the work of Deirdre Earls, MBA, RD, LD and her healing diet to reverse chronic disease.
  • Blog — Your Healing Diet - Relevant research studies, recommendations and ideas from Deirdre Earls, MBA, RD, LD and author of Your Healing Diet.
  • Contact — Your Healing Diet - Get in touch with Deirdre Earls, RD about private dietary consultations, public speaking, special projects and feedback about her Your Healing Diet book.

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