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Ziath - Home - Ziath Ltd are experts in sample management, including instrument control and information management. We primarily focus on laboratory automation with customers in both the pharmaceutical / biotech and academic industries. In particular, we focus on managing large samples libraries (compound management, biobanking and sample management) using 2D datamatrix tubes. The directors have extensive experience of working with sample libraries and are experts within this field. Our support and expertise come as standard.

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  • Bookworm Maynard - Neat not so neat to install or use

    After at least 4 hours of multiple attempts to install the software to run my new Neat scanner I remain frustrated and extremely disappointed in this product.

  • TDBoston - Love my new router!

    Love my new router! I'm very pleased as the set up was easy and the signal strength is exceptional - updating also looks breezy, with the built-in touch/download. I did have to call customer service - which was excellent as I had trouble registering the device - the web address provided appears to have been not available - come to find out, you don't need to register the device in order for it to work, so if you're buying this unit, no worries! Just skip that part of the set up process. My last router (Cisco) lasted for about 5 years and I was very tempted to repurchase this brand, but I my signal is so much better with this unit! Very pleased with the purchase and I'm glad I took a chance on this new company - keep up the good work and the great customer service!

  • CEllySaliNAs - like a cloud.

    Its so soft I love the cute shape to it, it feels like memory foam. The material is great my sons face fits perfectly in it and he doesn't seem uncomfortable or anything. It is not cheaply made I love that this exists with my first daughter I started having issues with flat head because I laid here in the same position on her back all the time and I was unaware of the long time damage that causes to her head the good thing is that no permanent damage was caused to her. Its small enough to fit almost anywhere in a diaper bag, store in a drawer, etc. I received this at a discounted price to give it my honest review and I can honestly say its really efficient and useful for a baby and I am sure it is really comfortable.

  • Amazon Customer - Love it!

    My husband and I love this stroller! In fact, when we're out as a family I don't get to push it because he loves it so much! It maneuvers so well, is easy to push and steer. The adjustable handle bar is wonderful as there is a 5-6 inch difference between mine and my husbands height. Haven't used the bassinet on the stroller. My 2 month old has been very alert from day 1 and likes to look around so she likes to sit up. We've mostly used the frame with the matching UPPAbaby Mesa infant car seat, which is great and convenient. We just recently switched to using the toddler seat on the frame and she loves it. The huge basket underneath is fantastic! It can hold so much! It really comes in handy when out and about. It's easy to set up and take down too and compacts really well for it's size. I also like how it'll stand up on it's own if the handle bar is all the way out while it's folded. It is on the heavier side but I don't mind because it's a nice sturdy quality. We are so glad we made this purchase and look forward to using it as our infant grows. I've used a lot of strollers over the years between being a nanny and all my nieces and nephews and this is the best one overall that I've used.

  • MrAv8er - It's MS Office, more bloated than ever

    In the software manufacture's never ending quest to keep selling you the same thing over and over, we have Office 2013. Super expensive, it does pretty much the same things it did last year, but for more money and now forcing you to re-learn the interface all over again. I'm going to try Open Office next time, because this is getting to expensive. How many times can you re-invent a wheel?

  • S. Crespi - I returned the item as it didn't work at all ...

    I returned the item as it didn't work at all from the getgo.. I figure that particular one was faulty. The LED light wasn't working for one. Amazon was very efficient, enabling the return process. Thanks Ama team!

  • S. Mullen - Used to be Awesome, now it's pretty gross

    How I wish I knew Avalon would be changing their ingredients. I would have stockpiled the old formula of this product because it HAD BEEN creamy, hydrating, and soaked in so nicely. It felt good to put on my face and my makeup went over it smoothly. Yesterday, I opened a new box with the words "More Sustainable" on the front. This product now feels like I'm smearing some kind of paste over my face that hardens into a white mask and feels stiff all day. Also my makeup does not go on over it very well at all. My face just feels gross all day. According to some other reviews about the new formula, Avalon has replaced some of the old ingredients for more harmful ones. How is that "More Sustainable"? I will be desperately searching online in hope that someone has found an alternative moisturizer that closely resembles the old formula. I certainly won't be buying more of this. I'm wondering if any of the new reviewers saying they love it have just lucked out and gotten a bottle of the old formula.